Numéros Rouge Libre, the new Chanel makeup collection

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Numéros Rouge Libre, the new Chanel makeup collection
Numéros Rouge Libre, the new Chanel makeup collection

Collection Libre Numéros Rouges, a tribute collection to Gabrielle Chanel

For several decades now, red has been the signature of the house of Chanel. It must be said that the creator of the sign, Gabrielle Chanel, never went out without her lipstick. It is therefore for the sake of loyalty to this great lady that Lucia Pica, artistic director of Chanel makeup, has decided to create the new Free Numéros Rouges Collection . Through it, Chanel takes us back to its origins and its history. Of course, the star of this new assortment is none other than a lipstick. It is nevertheless accompanied by multiple makeup products, whether in order to sublimate your eyes, your cheeks or your manicure.

Lipsticks from the Red Numbers Free Collection

The Collection Libre Numéros Rouges contains four different shades of lipsticks, numbered from 1 to 4 respectively. Through them, Chanel wished to accentuate the paradoxes of women. Some reds emphasize intensity and seduction while others play more in the register of lightness and simplicity. What’s more, the texture of different Chanel lipsticks varies depending on the numbers. Two of them are available in Rouge Allure Classique format while the other two correspond to Rouge Allure Velvet.. They are therefore duller. As always with Chanel, the colored pigments contained in these lipsticks are very powerful and tenacious. They offer four glamorous shades ranging from a vivid coral to a more voluptuous and deep red. Finally, also know that the Free Collection Red Numbers also contains the Shining and Moisturizing Gel Rouge Coco Gloss .

The other products of the Chanel Red Numbers Free Collection

For the gaze

In addition to these little sticks of red, the Free Red Numbers Collection contains several products for the eye. The Trait de Caractère palette contains five different eye shadows ranging from a discreet pinkish beige to a more intense emerald green, passing through two browns or an ivory. These powders come with two double-ended applicator brushes. Thus, thanks to the eye shadow palette of the Free Numéros Rouges Collection, Chanel offers you the possibility of creating fascinating gradients, worthy of the best makeup professionals. In addition, know that the Free Collection Red Numbers also contains a waterproof pen for the eyes, a mascara and a long-lasting cream eye shadow in a taupe shade.

For the cheeks

To also enhance your complexion, the Free Numbers Red Collection contains a So Close Contrasting Cheeks blush in a bright orange shade. Particularly suitable for skin tones with an olive undertone, it gives a fresher and brighter complexion.

For hands

Finally, to enhance your manicure, a new Chanel nail polish has also been incorporated into the Free Numbers Red Collection from Chanel. It lets burst an intense coral color called Scenario.

Chanel presents its new Free Red Numbers Collection

Rouge Allure NUméros Rouges by Chanel
Rouge Allure NUméros Rouges by Chanel

Wearing a colored product on the lips dates back to Mesopotamian times. However, makeup as we know it today is much more recent. The use of lipstick as make-up did not become popular until the 19th century.

Then, it was the pin-ups of the 1920s and the Hollywood actresses of the 1950s who greatly amplified this fashion phenomenon. Today, there are also a whole bunch of different colors to put on her lips.

Nevertheless, the most popular color remains the red that the attractive Marilyn Monroe wore, among others. As if to pay tribute to him, the house of Chanel has therefore decided to create the Numéros Rouge Libre Collection. The red lipstick is displayed as the star of the season, although it comes with other products to enhance your face.

The lipstick of Chanel, star of the Numéros Rouge Libre collection

As the name of this new collection suggests, lipstick is its flagship product. What is more, this time it reaffirms the supremacy of its original color. Thus, Chanel offers us four different variations of the classic red lipstick. Moreover, to amplify this color, the Chanel make-up tube has been reinvented.

Il a troqué son élégant emballage noir classique d’autrefois contre un extérieur rouge rubis associé à un intérieur en or plus extravagant. Chacune de ces nouvelles déclinaisons colorées est disponible dans les deux formules emblématiques de Chanel : Rouge Allure et Rouge Allure Velvet. Ces produits offrent une tenue intense et couleur exceptionnelle. Ils assurent une couvrance optimale en un seul passage et créent, au choix, une définition satinée ou mate.

Les autres produits de la Collection Numéros Rouge Libre

Néanmoins, cette collection de maquillages n’est pas uniquement composée de rouges à lèvres. D’autres produits viennent enrichir les créations de Chanel.

Ainsi, l’enseigne parisienne nous dévoile une nouvelle palette de cinq phares à paupières. La Palette 5 Ombres de Chanel contient des couleurs très automnales comme l’aubergine, le bois brun ou le vert émeraude. Ces poudres se présentent dans un petit étui de couleur noire enrichit de deux mini pinceaux à double embouts.

Le Blush Chanel Joues Contraste se présente quant à lui dans une couleur rouge orange éclatante. Ainsi, Chanel promet de vous donner bonne mine en un seul passage, comme si vous veniez de passer une journée au grand air !

Côté ombres à paupières, une nouvelle nuance brune poussiéreuse nommée « Siver Screen » vient enrichir la gamme des Ombres Premiere Creme Eye Shadow.

Pour amplifier encore votre regard, la Collection Numéros Rouge Libre contient aussi un eye-liner waterproof ainsi que le célèbre Mascara Volume de Chanel dans une nouvelle teinte bordeaux nommée « 37 Caractères ».

Le Rouge Coco Gloss se voit lui aussi offrir deux belles nuances de rouge, « True » et « Romance ». Enfin, trois nouveaux vernis complètent cet ensemble. L’un est noir, l’autre vert émeraude et le dernier corail.

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